St Joseph’s School has a well-defined Pastoral Care system. Classroom teachers have extensive contact with students and families on the Primary campus. Secondary students are assigned a Homeroom which will also contain other members of their family and a Homeroom teacher. House Coordinators on the Secondary campus work closely with the Head of Secondary in ensuring that the wellbeing and progress of each student is monitored on a regular basis.

Students and families who may need extra help or guidance are able to access the services for the School Counsellor and School Chaplaincy Worker. As part of Catholic Education Western Australia, St Joseph’s School students are also able to access services such as specialised testing and disability funding.

Kayla Winsor

School Counsellor (Secondary)


Sam Strahan

School Counsellor (Primary)


Michelle Johnson

Chaplaincy Worker

Rebecca Doughty

de Vialar House Pastoral Care Coordinator

Daniel Vernede

Lenihan House Pastoral Care Coordinator

Nicole Parker

Leonard House Pastoral Care Coordinator

Renee Marasco

Marcellin House Pastoral Care Coordinator