2022 Leadership Team


Mrs Andrea Woodgate

Head of Primary

Mrs Michelle Christian

Head of Secondary

Ms Sharon Cusack

Religious Education Coordinator

Mr Lloyd Reidy

Curriculum Coordinator Yr 7 – 12

Mr Mark Gargano

Business Manager

Ms Sharon Quinn


Teachers strive to lead Christian lives and to build caring relationships with students. They help parents educate their children. Teachers try to help students to bring together the Christian faith, the subjects the students study and their daily lives. Students strive for moral and academic excellence in order to give to others the fruits of their goodness and learning throughout their school lives.

Your child’s teacher is always your first point of contact if you have any queries or concerns regarding your child and you are encouraged to contact the teacher whenever the need arises. To email a teacher, just click on their name. Parents are advised that it is not an expectation that emails are read outside school hours. Staff will aim at a 48 hour response time should a return email be appropriate.

Primary Campus

1 Head of Primary Michelle Chrisitian
2 Pre Kindy - Blue & Gold Mary Clark
3 Kindy - Blue Mary Clark
4 Kindy - Gold Rhonda Oliver
5 Pre-Primary - Blue Kym McCarthy
6 Pre-Primary - Gold Liz Grubisa
7 Year 1 - Blue Hannah Hobbs
8 Year 1 - Gold Peta Robinson
 9 Year 2 - Blue

Jessica Morris

Carroll Kowald (Wednesday)

10 Year 2 - Gold Carly Allen
11 Year 3 - Blue Lauren D'Silva
12 Year 3 - Gold Tim Natkanski
13 Year 4 - Blue Edward Ewing
14 Year 4 - Gold Nadia Golding
15 Year 5 - Blue

Michelle Smith

Carroll Kowald  (Monday)

16 Year 5 - Gold Peter Matthys
17 Year 6 - Blue Cameron Watson
18 Year 6 - Gold

Samantha Rodgers 

Ken James (Friday)

19 Learning Support Coordinator K-12 Ruth Adams
20 Physical Education & Health Carrie Frost
21 General Teaching Staff:  Math & Health Ken James
22 General Teaching Staff:  The Arts Helen Sullivan
23 General Teaching Staff:  LOTE (Auslan) Rebecca Curtis
24 General Teaching Staff:  EYs DOTT Release Harpreet Kaur

Secondary Campus

1 Head of Secondary Sharon Cusack  
2 Religious Education Coordinator Lloyd Reidy
3 Curriculum Coordinator Mark Gargano
4 ViSN Coordinator Gerhard Vogel
5 VET Coordinator Caroline Marriott
6 Learning Support Coordinator K-12 Ruth Adams
7 Physical Education & Health Coordinator Adrienne Suckling
8 de Vialar House Pastoral Care Coordinator Rebecca Doughty
9 Lenihan House Pastoral Care Coordinator Daniel Vernede
10 Leonard House Pastoral Care Coordinator Nicole Parker
11 Marcellin House Pastoral Care Coordinator Ryan Sinclair
12 de Vialar 1 Annette Fox
13 de Vialar 2 Steve Rigby
14 de Vialar 3 Justin Boccardo
15  Lenihan 1 Kylie Parker
16 Lenihan 2 Carol Farson
17  Lenihan 3 Renee Marasco
18 Leonard 1 Jada Yengkopiong 
19 Leonard 2 Kylie Wallis
20  Leonard 3 Syona Fernandez
21 Marcellin 1 Amanda McLaughlin
22 Marcellin 2 Lucie Lombardini
23 Marcellin 3 Mark Bundock
24 General Teaching Staff Mike Hillyer  
25 General Teaching Staff Daniel Matthys
26 General Teaching Staff Michalie Ruoss