The St Joseph’s School Enrolment Procedure is framed in accordance with the principles and practices contained in the enrolment related policies of the Catholic Education Commission of WA [CECWA], the Western Australian School Education Act 1999 and the Disability Standards in Education 2005.

1. A. Students are enrolled from Kindergarten [Pre-Compulsory education] inclusive, and again from Years Pre-Primary-12 [Compulsory education] following application to the School Principal and attendance at an enrolment interview, by prospective student[s] accompanied by parents/guardians. The School Principal exercises sole discretion in the acceptance, or otherwise, of each application as notified to parents / guardians, in writing, following the interview.

B. Enrolment into the Pre-Kindy program will be offered to a student who has attained three years of age. Enrolment shall relate to participation in the program and not enrolment into the School. Parents/guardians are advised that formal enrolment into the School occurs following an application seeking enrolment into Kindergarten or subsequent year levels. This follows the enrolment process outlined above in paragraph 1A.

2. Priority in the allocation of student places is given to applicants as follows:

A. Primary

  1. Catholic students from the Parish with a Parish Priest Reference
  2. Catholic students from outside the Parish with a Parish Priest Reference
  3. Other Catholic students
  4. Siblings of non-Catholic students
  5. Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
  6. Other Non-Catholic students

B. Secondary

  1. Catholic students from Catholic primary schools with a Parish Priest Reference
  2. Catholic student from non-Catholic primary schools with a Parish Priest Reference
  3. Other Catholic students from Catholic schools
  4. Other Catholic students from non-Catholic schools
  5. Siblings of non-Catholic students
  6. Non-Catholic students from Catholic primary schools
  7. Non-Catholic students from any other Christian denominations
  8. Other non-Catholic students

3. Priority allocations of student places ARE CONDITIONAL ON:

  1. Stated support, on-going, by parents and students for St Joseph’s School, as a Catholic school, and an undertaking of compliance at all times with School requirements governing:
  • the payment of fees and charges.
  • the expectations of parent participation in the conduct of educational programs. (eg. attending interviews and information sessions, community Masses and other special events).
  • the curriculum policies and practices of the school, noting that student participation in co-curricular and extra curricular activities is a requirement, not an option.
  1. the provision, by parents, of true and correct information, about applicants, relevant to their educational development. Information additional to that contained in the “Application for Enrolment” form may be required once an interview for enrolment is accepted [e.g. special educational, medical, social and emotional needs of the student].
  2. the right of the Principal to exercise judgment on the capacity of the School’s resources, to meet satisfactorily, the educational needs of applicants, which may involve consultation with the existing or previos school or pre-school of the applicant, professional persons and organisations, clergy and the School’s teaching staff.

4. The enrolment of a student may be cancelled through non-compliance by parents with the conditions outlined in Clause 3 above OR in the event of serious misconduct or breach of regulations by the student OR in the event of a student failing to respond to disciplinary action taken to correct consistent minor breaches of school regulations.