BYO Devices & Booklist Requirements

ICT & Device Usage Guidelines

iPad Code of Conduct

The iPad is a tool to enhance student learning. Students are to abide by the School regulations concerning the acceptable use of electronic devices and any breach of this Code of Conduct will result in the loss of use of that device.

The use of iPads at St Joseph’s School is a privilege, specifically designed to be a resource to enhance student learning and it abides by the School’s ICT Policy for Computers. iPads are an expected integrated part of learning in Years 7 - 12 across all courses and encouraged for class use through personal devices in Years 4, 5 and 6 and with class sets in all other years within our Primary school. Students in Years 10 - 12 are permitted to bring personal laptops for class use. The appropriate use, internet usage, virus control and accessing online materials applies to these devices in the same manner as with the use of an iPad at school.

  • iPads at School for Years 4 - 6 (optional)
  • iPads at School for Years 7 - 9 (required)
  • iPads or Laptops for Years 10 - 12 (required)

iPad - Digital Learning Flyer Years 4 - 6

iPad & Laptop - Digital Learning 2021 Flyer Years 7 – 12

Suitable Device Guidelines iPad 2022

Suitable Device Guidelines Laptop 2022

Catholic Education Western Australia HP BYOD FLYER 2021

Important InformationDue to the world Covid problems & delivery “Parents purchasing a device, should get their orders in as early as possible due to Device hardware stock being very limited and can have lengthy delivery delays”


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