Our School offers a rich secondary educational program within the context of a Christian environment which is based on respect for the self, others and the environment while nurturing each individual’s personal relationship with God.

An education at St Joseph's School will equip your child to be a life-long learner, able to meet future challenges with increased confidence.   Through a strong pastoral care program, we endeavour to provide a learning environment in which the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of each child are met.

In Years 7 to 10 we offer a range of learning experiences aimed at providing a strong foundation for future years.  Students are enrolled in Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Studies, Science and Physical Education and Health.  Opportunities exist for study in a variety of courses such as Outdoor Education, Food, Wood, Construction and Italian. 

In the Senior school (Years 10 to 12) students have access to a number of pathways involving ATAR, General and VET courses.  These include:

  • University
  • A vocational educational pathway (CRTAFE)
  • Workplace Learning Program
  • ViSN – eLearning experience

We encourage our students to value the many opportunities that are offered to them at St Joseph’s School, not only in their academic studies but the vast range of co-curricular activities.  The da Vinci Program and Drama pursuits, in addition to our MaJEC program, sporting and cultural programs, enable our students to experience success with all of their talents.

St Joseph’s School has a close relationship with the Northam Residential College so that our Boarding students experience close communication between school, boarding school and home.


2022 Year 11 & 12 Guides

2022 TAFE Study Guide

2022 SJS Subject Selection Booklet

2022 ViSN Handbook

Vocational Education Training and Career Development Site: https://carolinemarriott4.wixsite.com/website 


Courses Offered

These courses are subject to change from year to year.

 Year 7   Year 8   Year 9   Year 10 
 Options Offered   Options Offered   Options Offered   Options Offered 
 Design & Technology   Design & Technology   Design & Technology   Design & Technology 
 Digital Technology  Digital Technology  Drama  Drama
 Drama  Drama  Food Science & Technology     Food Science & Technology   
 Food Science & Technology     Food Science & Technology     Outdoor Education  Outdoor Education
 Italian  Italian  Sport Science  Visual Art
 Visual Art  Visual Art  Visual Art  Woodwork


 Year 11  ​    Year 12   
 ATAR   General   ATAR   General 
 Religion and Life   Religion and Life   Religion and Life   Religion and Life 
 English  English  English  English
 Mathematics Applications  Mathematics Essentials   Mathematics Applications  Mathematics Essentials 
 Mathematics Methods  Integrated Science  Mathematics Methods  Mathematics Foundation 
 Biology  Outdoor Education  Biology  Integrated Science
 Chemistry  Drama  Chemistry  Outdoor Education
 Geography  Food Science & Technology  Geography  Food Science & Technology 
 Physics  Materials Design and Technology   Physical Education Studies    ViSN / VET Courses
 Physical Education Studies   ViSN / VET Courses