Our Staff

2017 Class Teachers

Primary Class Teachers  
Pre-Kindergarten Blue Jessica Morris
Pre-Kindergarten Gold Jessica Morris
Kindy Blue Raewyn Elfverson
Kindy Gold Rhonda Oliver
Pre-Primary Blue Laura Connolly
Pre-Primary Gold Rebecca Drudi
Year 1 Chantel Smith
Year 1/2 Ruth Adams
Year 2 Lauren Marino
Year 3 Michelle Izzard
Year 3/4 Kathy Pollard
Year 4 Matthew Parnham
Year 5 Ben Hewitt
Year 5/6 Renee Marasco
Year 6 Ken James
Homeroom Teacher - Secondary  
Year 7 – 9 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Rebecca Doughty
Year 10 – 11 Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Ryan Sinclair
de Vialar 1 Jennifer Wrightt
de Vialar 2 Glen Dunkerton
de Vialar 3 Mike Hillyer
Lenihan 1 Locky Patterson
Lenihan 2 TBA
Lenihan 3 Katie Enright
Leonard 1 Sarah McBride
Leonard 2 Daniel Vernede
Leonard 3 Michalie Ruoss
Marcellin 1 Ben Kingwell
Marcellin 2 Lucie Lombardini
Marcellin 3 Shane Bransby

Your child’s teacher is always your first point of contact if you have any queries or concerns regarding your child and you are encouraged to contact the teacher whenever the need arises. To email a teacher just click on their name. Parents are advised that it is not an expectation that emails are read outside school hours. Staff will aim at a 48 hour response time should a return email be appropriate.