St Joseph’s School has an active Parents’ and Friends’ Association. The role of the Association is to engage with parents, guardians and families within the school community to embrace new friendships and build a sense of belonging and trust.

This group is also a voice and can relay information from parents to the school Leadership Team and teaching staff, coordinate events within the school, put together social events outside of school hours for parents and the whole community.

This group also raises funds to provide extra amenities for the school community.

Meetings are held at 1.30pm on the fourth Thursday of each month in the Performing Arts Centre of the Primary campus. All parents and guardians are invited to attend.

President: Georgia Haddrill

Vice President: Justine Stokes

Secretary: Nicola Brown

Treasurer: Kylie Wallis

Board Rep: Jayne Candeloro

Fundraising co-ordinator: Kelly Battista

Social Co-ordinator : Esther Bliss

General committee: Gemma McPherson, Sally Wood, Kristy Crocker, Holly Robert, Rebecca Potocznyj and Alison Smith