St Joseph’s School Board

Chair: Mrs Cec McConnell
Secretary: Mrs Jodie Longmire
Treasurer: Mr Jaron Leask
Parish Rep: Mr David Carter
P & F Rep: Mrs Leanne Hunt
Committee Members: Mr Earnest Ervin
Committee Members: Mrs Rebekah Ervin
Committee Members: Mr Ryan Naughton
Parish Priest: Fr George James
Principal: Mrs Carmen Cox

Report from the Chair,
NCBS Annual School Community Meeting
November 2016

The Board of St Joseph’s School Northam is privileged to be able to contribute to our school community and it is my pleasure to present this report of Board activities for 2016.

This has been an exciting year. Our Year 11’s commenced and have settled into senior high school well. We have been encouraged by the effort made by our students and teachers, and the growing interest in Year 11 & 12. This has been good to see as it supports our decision to move into senior school education. I congratulate Carmen, Caroline, Mark and secondary staff on the smooth transition into this next phase of our school.

2017 Budget Provisional Report Summary